Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Current YouTube Favourites...

Believe it or not, I'm actually fairly new to YouTube. I've always used it to look up songs or funny videos but never really used it to watch bloggers. So now I've discovered this wonderful Narnia type place I thought I would share with you my current favourite channels...

Estee and Aslan have to be the most adorable couple! As much as I love Estee's beauty channel (Essie Button), I have huge love for this channel too. I'm currently loving the #vlune vlog series up on their channel and have become completely addicted to watching all their videos. Reggie the dog has also become a firm favourite of mine - he is adorable!

See Ya Reel Soon
Joe and Ashley are a Disney obsessed duo from over the pond. I stumbled across their YouTube channel whilst searching for Disney videos and have been hooked ever since. They vlog their entire trips to Disneyworld and pop up a new vlog every Wednesday. I can't wait for tonight's episode!

Vivianna Does Makeup
Anna is one of my favourite 'big' beauty bloggers. I feel that I can totally relate to her and whenever I read her blog or watch one of her vlogs I always want to end up buying something!

Jaye Rockett
How could I not list my beautiful blogging friend Jaye in my YouTube favourites? She has recently made the jump from blogging to YouTube but still finds the time to maintain both her amazing blogs, Bed in the Kitchen (beauty) and Jaye Rockett (lifestyle) as well as upload videos and complete her uni course too! 

I've been watching Charlotte's vlogs for quite a while now but it has been her recent Disney episodes that have kept me coming back for more recently. She has filmed a few with Ellie (Ellie's Ramblings - another channel I'm currently hooked on) and it's great to see them both so enthusiastic which makes me even more excited about going!

I love Kate's mix of fashion and beauty vlogs and I especially love her cat, named Mouse (how cute) who sometimes makes an appearance! Her Scottish accent is also amazing! I always find myself just looking at what she has in her room when she vlogs too as she has a great sense of home decor style!

What are you current YouTube favourites?
Are you subscribed to any of these channels?


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