Monday, 23 June 2014

Topshop Polish | Art School

I'm sure that regular readers of my blog are aware of my nail polish obsession. I have so many that I rarely manage to wear most of them! Every now and again I'll get the opportunity to discover a fogotten favourite or a spur of the moment purchase that got added to the collection never to be seen again. This time I'm afraid to say that this was one of the latter.

I recently declared my love for Topshop make up, especially their polishes. I think what drew me to this offering was the current weather in the UK. You know, when sometimes it just feels like that colour day. The unique polka dot colour design on the neck of the bottle means that these 'call' to me over other brands and it just so happens that my new kimono matches this shade perfectly.

The formula has a glossy finish but needs a few coats for the best look. The first one always comes out a little streaky but another coat and a good top coat (seche vite or Sally Hansen) will soon sort that out. 

For £6 they're a little on the pricey side and you could probably find a cheaper (equally or better) alternative from Models Own or Barry M, that being said there's just something about these cute little bottles that gets me handing over my cash (several times now!)

Do you own any Topshop polishes?
What do you think of them?


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