Sunday, 20 April 2014

This Week I...#16

Happy Easter everyone! I hope the Easter Bunny visited you and brought you lots of lovely chocolate! This week's, This Week I post comes to you a little later than my scheduled posts. I've actually been at work this morning covering a shift for someone who couldn't do it. I haven't worked a weekend day in over two years (once I got a promotion at work they no longer required me to work weekends) so it was a little odd going in and doing all the jobs I used to do. Although it wasn't all bad as the Easter Bunny decided to pay us a visit and gave every one of us who was working (which must be at least one thousand people) a little creme egg each! How lovely!

This last week I have been working the late shift again but managed to squeeze in a quick Starbucks on Monday with my friend Kayleigh. The weather was lovely so I went for a Frappe. I couldn't resist snapping the beautiful blossom on the trees on my way to work either, which looked so lovely in the sunshine (compared to today which is dismal and rainy!).

This week I have also been working on some wedding invitations for my friend and work colleague who is getting married in August, so I have been spending my mornings waiting for parcels and making beautiful washi tape bunting for her invites which you can see in the top photo on the left. Also, I tried an amazing hot chocolate, I don't normally like hot chocolate that much as I hate lumps in the bottom (yes, I'm weird!) but this Cadbury's Wispa offering is AMAZING! It was on offer in Tesco's for one pound something and if you can pick some up, trust me you won't regret it!

On the blog this week I have been talking about a beautiful Barry M nail varnish shade called Pacific. It reminds me of a mermaids tail for some reason which prompted me to watch The Little Mermaid again. I also posted a handy guide for Twitter chats this week and shared my thoughts on VO5's Argan Oil.

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What have you been up to this week?


  1. Ah, such gorgeous cherry blossoms! Spring has not quite sprung near me, but I can't wait for a view like that!

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  2. Happy Easter Holly. : ) xxxx