Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April Overview

I've really enjoyed the month of April, I've really been getting organised and creating a healthy balance between seeing my husband, family/friends, work and blogging, something I've really struggled to do since Christmas. I've actually really enjoyed writing and haven't been feeling like I have to blog, which I think has come across in my writing and has led to an increase of you wonderful people reading my blog!

One of my April highlights was that I managed to meet up with The Bournemouth Bloggers again this month which was lovely and I got to take part in a clothes swap. It was lovely to see everyone again and I hope we meet up again soon.

I have also got to work with some lovely brands this month and have loved my key necklace from Lily Charmed and I have been taking better care of my hair by using the Save The Blow Dry (review coming up soon!).

Despite the fact I'm meant to be spending less money, I've bought some lovely items this month and have been making the most of spending my free time over the Easter Bank Holiday stuffing my face with chocolate and watching Disney films!

Whilst I've not been doing that I have been working hard making my friends Wedding invitations which I finished just the other day. She came over the other night after work to collect them and her and her husband to be are thrilled with them! It was so nice to see her smiling face when she saw them all completed!

I'm also working towards reaching my goal for purchasing a new camera - I'm still undecided as to which one to get as I've never owned a DSLR before so if you have any words of wisdom, please share them in the comments below!

What have been your April highlights?


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  1. I'm saving up for a new camera too Holly. I'm currently using a Canon DSLR, but need to do some research before I get a new one. Let me know what you decide to get. Xxx