Sunday, 13 April 2014

This Week I...#15

By the looks of the picture above, it looked like my week this week consisted mainly of food! Definitely not a bad thing! I celebrated with some of my work colleagues this week, if you read my last This Week I post you might have seen that I passed my portfolio for work, so my friends wanted to take me out for dinner. I had the choice of where we went so obviously I opted for Nandos! One of my friends had never been before so I was determined to introduce her to the deliciousness of Nandos! Afterwards, we browsed some shops (I managed to go to Boots and not pick up anything! What?!) and popped into Sainsbury's to look at yummy easter eggs and try to find an amazing peanut butter hot chocolate drink which they didn't have! This then prompted me to try several other Sainsbury's in the area (yes, I am that obsessed!) until I found it! It was definitely well worth it - if you love peanut butter, you will love this!

This week my family and I also celebrated my Dad's birthday, it wasn't a milestone, but we usually all get together as a family at birthdays and eat lots of nice food. My Mum always puts on a good buffet (the best one is at Christmas!) My sister was also home from uni so it was good to see her again!

Yesterday I spent the day shopping with my other sister, we originally were just going to pop to a few shops at our local shopping centre, but because we couldn't get what we wanted we ended up going to town as well. I picked up a few bits from Topshop and Primark which I will pop into a post which will hopefully be up this week!

On the blog this week I got the opportunity to review some beautiful jewellery from Lily Charmed, who officially released their polished collection of charms this week. I have been wearing my silver key charm necklace non stop, in fact, it hasn't left my neck all week! I also popped up a post all about the Bournemouth Bloggers #bloggersclothesswap event I went to last Saturday and posted about my current favourite drugstore foundation!

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  1. Thanks for the link Holly! Hope you had a lovely Easter. I need some of that peanut butter hot chocolate in my life! Sarah