Friday, 15 February 2013

What I got up to for Valentine's...

My apologies if you don't want to read about this but I've never blogged about Valentine's Day before.

Every year I've always said that hubby and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day but something he said got me thinking, I always assumed that celebrating Valentine's Day included grand romantic gestures like a meal out and gifts of presents and expensive bunches of flowers...but it appears my vision was wrong (I hope my husband isn't reading this to hear me say I was wrong!) He said that Valentine's Day is about spending time with the person you love and that doing something together was far more romantic and meaningful and I saw his point (deep down I always knew that, but who doesn't love to get presents?)

We decided that this year we would cook a Valentine's breakfast together, something we hadn't done for Valentine's before. So we popped to the shops the night before and picked up everything we would need, sausages, bacon, eggs, giant mushroom and beans (for hubby) and spaghetti shapes for me (I hate beans and I'm still a kid at heart so I had them in shapes from the Disney movie Cars!) We also had fried toast which I cut into heart shapes (just because!)

It was really nice creating the breakfast together and I realised it wasn't about getting gifts and chocolates. I cut out some red hearts using my heart punch and scattered them over our breakfast table and got our "love" sign that we had at our wedding and popped that on the table too.

After breakfast we exchanged cards and hubby even got me a chocolate rose and some red tulips (tulips are my favourite flowers - I'd have them over roses anyday!)

I had a lovely morning and am so glad we did it together rather than one of us making all the effort.

Did you celebrate Valentine's Day this year or Singles Awareness Day?


  1. This is a nice idea. I cannot stand Valentine's Day, with all the gift giving and expecting to go and do something special or expensive. But this is a lovely idea :) x

  2. I love the flowers, they're adorable!I do think roses are cute, but it's so nice to not receive them on Valentine's Day and get a different bunch instead, especially if they're your favourites! I could seriously eat that breakfast right now too!
    Mia x