Sunday, 24 February 2013

Blog Love #3

This week I am featuring Lizzie from Cupcakes & Cosmetics. I love Lizzie's blog. It's so girly and definitely contains everything that interests me. Her background is really cute and I love that there is lots of pink! Aesthetics aside, her blog is full of wonderful posts. They're all really informative and are usually products that are affordable and that are on the high street. I partuculary love her most recent review of LUSH products - so much so that I'll be purchasing them on my next LUSH visit.

All her photos are really large and clear and she posts a lot on Instagram which is great because I'm completely hooked on it (she also has the most adorable dog who features in a lot of her photos!)

Lizzie also features a lot of nail art which is something that I am also interested in. I love her Valentine's nails! I wish I could make mine look half as pretty as hers!

If you're into DIY tutorials you can also find these here, her chocolate present idea is really cute!

You check out Lizzie's blog here. Or follow her on Instagram by searching for Pixielizzieee.

Are you already a follower of Cupcakes & Cosmetics?

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