Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A few little changes...

Hi lovelies...hope you are all well!

You might have noticed a few little changes happening to Impatience over the last few weeks. I've been in the process of updating my blog and have been learning to play with HTML code and making buttons and pretty headers!

It's been a long process so far as I have no experience in this but I'm really pleased with how my blog is looking now.

My header has been updated to a prettier font and I've changed the width of my blog for easier reading and bigger photos. I've also added pretty pink labels down my sidebar for Followers, Blog Buttons etc and a signature which I now add to the end of all my posts. I've added an About Me section at the top too so people can see what I look like and learn a little about me.

Unfortunately I made a little mistake with some HTML code and now can't change the size of my post headers...oops! I tried changing it back to what it was originally but it still doesn't work :( If anyone has any tips for code to change the font size I'd love for you to get in touch!

Finally, I now have two blog buttons! My first original one which was made by the lovely Vikki at Victoria's Vintage and another one (not so great!) made by me! So now you can choose which one fits in better with your blog if you'd like to button swap.

What do you think of my changes? Do you sometimes spruce up your blog?

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