Wednesday, 20 February 2013

MUA Haul

A few weeks ago MUA were having a 50% off discount sale on their website. You had to spend £30 to qualify for the discount but I figured it was worth it as you were getting £30 of goodies for £15. I also got free delivery on my order although I'm not sure if I was actually meant to because somehow I managed to bypass the section on the website where you had to add the delivery charges! Thank god it still arrived! I had to wait over two weeks for the order to arrive as I don't think they had anticipated the popularity of the offer and had a lot of orders to fill, consequently I wasn't able to get all the products I wanted but I'm still happy with my buys.

Here is what I got...

MUA Heaven & Earth eye palette. I'd heard that this and the Undressed palette were similar to the Basics Palette by Urban Decay and decided that for £4 it was worth trying it out.

Two MUA primers which I'm hoping will be a good substitute for when my POREfessional runs out and haven't got enough money for another one!

Two MUA single eyeshadows in a light cream colour and a muddy brown, similar to those in the UD palette

Two blushers, one in Shade 4 which is a cream blusher and another new Shimmer Kisses Blusher which has shimmer in which will hopefully highlight my cheeks and stop me looking pasty!

9 nail polishes - okay I know 9 is a little bit obsessive but I just love nail varnish. On first impressions I'm not overly keen which is a shame. They come out a little watery but I'm sure once I apply a few coats it will be ok. For £1 each I can't really complain. I picked up two of the Love Hearts collection in Love U 24/7 which is a light lilac colour and I <3 U which is a light pink colour, perfect for spring. I also got the pink shade of the fairy dust nails which apparently only needs one coat per application (we shall see what happens when I try this) All the other shades were part of their normal range.

So instead of spending £30 on products I wanted to try I only spent £15. I'd recommend liking MUA's Facebook page as thats where I heard about the discount.

Have you got any MUA products? What do you think of them?


  1. I'd love to see a review on the MUA Primer! I really want to try it but haven't seen any reviews so far :)

    MUA is definitely one of my favourite brands, I would REALLY recommend that you try the intense kisses glosses, I rave about them on my blog all the time! I also really love the Every Lash Mascara in Black Waterproof, its only £3 but doesn't budge at all and gives you a good amount of volume and lots of length!

    Shona xx

  2. I've heard the mua primer is a dupe for the poreprofessional. I may have to try it as even though I love the poreprofessional it makes me break out like crazy

    Beauty Fiends Blog

  3. Looks like some great nail colours! Be good to see them on the nail :)