Thursday, 14 February 2013

Life lately...

Happy Valentine's Day lovely readers!

This week hubby and I have been off work...due to lack of funds (like always) we haven't been able to do much so have been doing lots of free things and cashing in all our vouchers that we got for christmas and birthdays!

On Monday we took a trip to Christchurch our local town for a wander and went for a yummy Pizza Express courtesy of a voucher Bradley had received from one of his friends. We also had a voucher from Money Saving Expert to get one pizza for £2.50 when you paid in full for the other one so I had the Pollo ad Astra which had chicken, sweet peppers, onion and cajun spices while Bradley had the American Hot which had pepperoni, mozarella, tomato and jalapeno peppers. We also got a side of polenta chips, which I'd never tried before but they were really nice. Then for dessert we both had a yummy sundae! While we were in the restaurant it started snowing! It was lovely walking around by the priory after in the snow!

On Tuesday we took a trip to see the Cerne Abbas Giant near Dorchester which is a giant carved out into the hill side, he is supposed to bless couples with good fertility so we'll see how that works out! It was quite amusing seeing it...I'm sure you can see why from the photos! We tried to climb up the hill to see him closer but it was so muddy due to the rain and snow we'd had the previous day that it was so slippery, I managed to get myself stuck in some mud and cut my hand on some brambles whilst trying to stop myself from falling over! On the way back we stopped at Highcliffe Castle which is where we got married last year - we have a membership card which is valid until our anniversary this year so decided to take a little visit to remind us of our special day.

Yesterday was a pretty uneventful day - we sorted out our spare room which has been housing all the things we were going to take to a car boot sale. We managed to get some things onto Gumtree and eBay and then went on envirophone to see how much we could get for our old phones and now have £80 on the way to us. We also checked out Music Magpie and made another £60 on there! Can't wait to receive the cheques!

Have you been anywhere lately? Are you on a spending ban or saving so can't do much?


  1. Looks like you both had a lovely time
    we went to our local pizza express approx 2 weeks ago now
    love it there

  2. As if you live in Christchurch! I'm only in Bournemouth, finding more of us bloggers around this area lately. (:


  3. Hope you have a better experience with Envirofone than I did! They are supposed to be one of the best and quoted me £40 for my old blackberry which was in good condition but when they received it they claimed it was damaged and would only give me £20. I opted for their free return service and instead sent it to Mazuma Mobile who gave me the whole £40 quoted :)

    I'm a student so always trying to save and make money! My boyfriend's car has just broken down too so we'll be having a very superscrimper month this month! x