Saturday, 22 December 2012

Review - LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel

I'm definitely a girly girl so when I read a couple of blog posts popping up on this Limited Edition Christmas shower gel from Lush, I just had to try it!

It's pretty much everything a girl like me could wish for, it's pink, smells like candy floss and has blue glitter in! I popped into my local Lush in Poole (which to my knowledge was the first Lush shop to be opened) to grab a bottle. 

Naturally I got distracted with all the lovely smells, colourful potions and bright packaging! The only thing stopping me from getting more was a moany husband! I also had my eye on the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, the Soft Coeur Massage Bar and the Honey Trap Lip Balm!

I picked up the 250g bottle of Snow Fairy which was £6.25 but you can also buy it in 100g for £3.50 or 500g for £10.25

I have heard people say that some thought the smell was overwhelming and a bit sickly but I honestly don't think it's that bad. In fact, one of the things I love about the scent is that it lasts pretty much all day, even though at work I wear my normal clothes and have a lab coat on top of that! 

When I put it onto my sponge it really foams up and you only have to use a small amount. I've used it several times and have only used a small amount from the top of the bottle!

I'll definitely be stocking up on more of this before it disappears!

Have you tried this? What did you think? Have you tried any other Lush products?


  1. My husband buys me snow fairy every year because he knows how much I love it!! It smells soooo good!!

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Aww thats really sweet!

    Merry Christmas to you too!


  3. I really want this !!!

  4. The verdicts still out for me with this one. Although I must say my boyfriend loves it! :')



  5. Hey, new follower from the followers to friends blog party. Sounds neat, something I'd definitely like to try! :)


  6. Hello there! Just checked out your blog. I love your cats! Holly x

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