Saturday, 15 December 2012

Mini Primark Haul...

Normally I don't attempt to go to the shops this close to Christmas as I don't like the busy crowds but last weekend I had to work which meant that I got Monday as a day off and I decided to treat myself by going into town and buying a few things. I woke up early on Monday morning and got a bus into town so I was there for when the shops opened at 9am. We have quite a large new Primark but its always MEGA busy whenever I go so I don't get the time to browse and look at the things I want but today the shop was empty and it was lovely being able to go in and look round without tons of people being there. I wasn't in the mood for clothes shopping but I loved being able to look around the accessories stands and I was able to find a few bits. My sister had told me about nail wraps and I was interested to try some out. I managed to find three different kinds, a lacy black pattern, some pink leopard print ones and a cute black flower design. I can't wait to try them! I also picked up a cute set of nail files for just £1. I found some really nice lacy panties in three different colours which were only £4 and some Christmas themed socks which I'm going to wear on Christmas Day! In total it all came to £10! Bargain! Especially as I wanted to keep costs down as we are saving for a holiday.

Have you been to Primark recently? What did you buy?

P.S - Thank-you to's tutorial on how to edit blog photos, I would never have been able to make this photo collage if it wasn't for you! x


  1. Hi I love your blog set up and the font you've chosen !
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  2. This makes me want to run to primark and but christmas socks :')

    New follower :)

  3. They had lots of different Christmas socks but I loved the reindeers, they're so cute! xx

  4. Those christmas socks are just adorable! I want some :D

    Louise x