Saturday, 29 December 2012

My Pandora Bracelet...

I know Pandora have been around for a while now and I'm a little late to jump on the bandwagon (again!) but I thought I'd show off my charm collection now that it's grown a little bit.

My husband bought me the bracelet as a wedding present in June, he bought a starter set which came with the bracelet, two flower clips to stop the beads from sliding around and a cupcake charm (because if you've been paying attention to previous posts you'll know that I LOVE cupcakes!)

The elephant charm was one of my Christmas presents from my parents this year as elephants are one of my favourite animals.

Next is the round heart charm which is pink (I love pink - could you tell?) which I got from my sisters for my birthday this year.

The other bead is a round bead with cutout butterflies in because I also love butterflies. I also bought the same charm for my sisters as a gift for them being my Bridesmaids so we all have the same one on our bracelets to remind us of the day. I struggled to find a charm that was suitable as a gift for them as there was a wedding cake (but in my opinion, it didn't look very pretty) or a church (but we got married in a castle, not a church) so I went for something that was personal to me. 

Do you own anything from Pandora? Do you collect the charms? Which ones do you have?


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