Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas times...

Every year my Mum always does an amazing Christmas dinner and has the whole family over. We love doing crafts and every year has a different home made theme where cakes and decorations are made. This year was no exception with my Mum making a chocolate Lindor tree as a centrepiece (which we were all too scared to take chocolates from because it was so pretty and took such a long time to make lol) and a Father Christmas cake! My sister also made a gingerbread house from scratch!

Unfortunately due to working right up until Christmas I didn't have time to make anything this year but I've got plans already for a great Christmas cake for next year!

Mum's tree is also amazing! She has collected so many lovely decorations over the years and although I love my modern white tree with bright coloured baubles, there's something about her festive green tree that just feels like home.

I thought I'd show you a few snapshots as she definitely deserves some appreciation for her hard work!

Rose flowerboxes inspired by the ones I had at my wedding

Only half of Mum's amazing Christmas teatime buffet!

Christmas glasses!

The Lindor Tree!

Santa Cake!

Pretty Cracker

Mum's tree

My sisters gingerbread house

And sister and I playing with the moustache straws I got her for Christmas!

I hope you all had a great Christmas!

Did you get some lovely presents?


  1. Thanks! Ive been testing out my new camera phone. I love it x

  2. That buffet looks amazing! We're always too full for tea haha

    Louise x

  3. your blog is so pretty and inspiring! love it!
    excited to read more and follow along via GFC :)


  4. Wow everything looks amazing!! I see what you mean about the truffle tree too!! I wouldn't have dared touch it :)

    Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party! I'm now your newest GFC follower :)


  5. Hi! I'm popping over from the No Rules Weekend Blog Party. My god that Lindor tree is so awesome. Will try and make one next year. Have a fantastic new year's eve

  6. Hi new followers! Thank you for taking an interest in my blog! Will pop over and take a look at yours too :-)

    Hope you had a great Christmas and have a lovely new year!

    Holly x

  7. Gorgeous Christmas table! That santa cake is too cute!! What a lovely thing to do for xmas. Looks like u had a wonderful time xx

  8. A Lindor tree?! Wow. That's so awesome.
    And I love your sister's gingerbread house. My sister and I tried making one for the first time this year and it actually turned out pretty good. I want to try making a gingerbread castle next year, haha.