Saturday, 23 May 2015

Things To Do When You Have Little Or No Money...

I sometimes get really frustrated when I'm at home and feel like I have nothing to do. When you don't earn much or you're saving for something, being at home can sometimes feel a little bit boring. I've come up with a few ways that you can beat the boredom and not have to spend very much...

001 - Spring Clean
Not everyone's favourite I know, but there is something really refreshing about clearing out your wardrobe or under the bed, finding old memories or things you could even sell that you don't use anymore to make a few extra pennies.

002 - Go for a walk
I'm lucky enough to live close to the beach so when the weather is nice we can head down to the beach for a walk and look at the beautiful scenery, even if you don't live close to the beach you could find a local park to have a wander round.

003 -Search for new blogs or interesting articles to read
If going out isn't your thing, then you could always browse the internet for new blogs or interesting articles to read. I often find that I never really allocate any time in my day to sit down and look for new blogs.

004 - Draw
Who doesn't have a pen and paper in their house? I've recently rediscovered my love for sketching, I'm not particularly great at it, but I love finding "how to draw" tutorials on You Tube to draw and I find that sketching really relaxes me.

005 - Browse charity shops
Last weekend, Bradley and I went to a local town to have a nosey in some charity shops. I picked up a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for £1.50 and it's kept me occupied for almost a week! We also found some brand new and sealed Star Wars top trumps (for holiday plane entertainment) but ended up having a go, before we knew it, an hour had passed!

006 - Attend a local free event
Last week was the Christchurch food festival, I love this event and try and attend every year. There are so many stalls selling food and most have free samples to try so you can fill yourself up and try new things. I tried some partridge and it was delicious! Browse your local newspaper to find out about free events near you. There tend to me more in the summer months because it better weather.

What do you do to pass the time?


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