Sunday, 3 May 2015

Bank Holidays Are For...

1 :: Lunch dates at 7Bone
2 :: Maple pancakes for breakfast (seriously, ASDA do the BEST maple pancakes!)
3 :: Spending all morning/afternoon/day in bed, just because you've got that extra day
4 :: Being able to go out on a Sunday night, because it's not a "school night"
5 :: Not feeling guilty about spending an entire day in your PJ's
6 :: Not doing any chores for a day, like washing because your work clothes don't need to be ready til Tuesday
7 :: Watching an entire TV series from start to finish
8 :: Not getting that "Sunday feeling" until Monday evening
9 :: Long beach walks looking at pretty beach huts (the ones above are from Boscombe beach)
10 :: Loving the fact that you only have four working days until the next weekend!

What do you love about Bank Holiday weekends?


1 comment:

  1. Great post, i never feel guilty with wearing my pjs all day haha =]