Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bucket List

I've never really actually thought about what would be on my bucket list until I was tagged by the lovely Hannah to take part in Money Supermarket's Budget Bucket List Competition.

I thought for a while about things that are personal to me that will give you a little insight into the person I am and the things I love and came up with the two below! I hope you enjoy!

Meet David Tennant

 I have been a massive fan of Doctor Who for years and David Tennant was my favourite Doctor. I've always wanted to meet him in person and was really excited when the tickets came on sale for the Midnight Convention in Birmingham only to find that they were definitely out of my price range. That combined with the cost of travel to Birmingham from Bournemouth and the cost of accomodation, I was looking at well over £500 for the whole trip! Every event he seems to appear at is either in London or Birmingham and usually during the week when I'm stuck at work!

I have always hoped that since leaving the show he would make more appearances at conventions, hopefully one day I will be able to attend. I have no idea what I would be like if I did get to meet him in person though, I imagine I would become completely starstruck and not be able to say a word!

Visit the Maldives

Being a Geography graduate, this is one of the most incredible places I could ever hope to visit. My husband has been fortunate to visit several times, but now with the pressures of rent and bills to pay we just cant seem to find any extra money to put away to save to go. If I was lucky enough to be able to visit, I would learn to snorkel. I have always been afraid of the open water. I am a fairly good swimmer but love the comfort of being in a controlled environment. I would love to see tropical fish in their natural habitat and see for my own eyes the conservation measures that have been put in place in the Indian Ocean to help regenerate coral populations. My absolute dream would be to see turtles and dolphins in their natural habitat too.

Whenever I have seen photographs of hotels and villas in the Maldives I have always been enamoured by the outdoor showers. What could be better than waking up in the morning and being able to take a shower outside!

I also saw on a programme recently (Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve) that there is an underwater restaurant that you can dine in with the sea above you and all the fish swimming around - how amazing is that??

I tag the lovely JayeKatie and Jo to take part in this challenge!

What's on your bucket list?


  1. The Maldives looks like a phenomenal place, I'd love to visit too. That restaurant looks amazing!!

    Thanks so much for the tag, I'll be sure to give this a whirl! :) xx

  2. The Maldives is on my bucketlist too along with Bora Bora!
    They look like heaven, such relaxing places to visit!

    Have you seen my entry for the budget bucketlist competition?

    Peach Pow XO