Wednesday, 21 May 2014

#sotonmeetup | Southampton Bloggers Meet Up

On Saturday I got to spend a lovely day in the sunshine meeting some lovely bloggers in Southampton at the #sotonmeetup. The event was organised by the lovely Alice and Amy who did an absolutely amazing job! The meet up was held at The Orange Rooms in Bedford Place, Southampton so after a lazy morning I jumped on the train and did the 30 minute journey from Bournemouth. Luckily the venue wasn't that far from the station as I had foolishly taken a jacket with me and was a little bit hot although Southampton looked particularly gorgeous in the sunshine!

I arrived a little early and found Alice, Amy and Laura setting up in the Tiki Bar upstairs. I grabbed myself a drink at the bar and when they were finished we sat outside waiting for the others to arrive. There were 22 of us at the event in total, the biggest one I have been to, to date. Out of everyone there, I had only met and spoken to two other bloggers before, Megan and Brogan so it was nice to chat with them and catch up and also meet and chat to some new faces.

After a while, our food was ready, Alice had been super organised and told the venue ahead of time what we were having so we didn't have to wait too long. I chose my standard BBQ burger and chips (my favourite) and sat down with Sophie, Fiona and Jessica and nattered about uni life, men and of course, blogging!

After we had all finished eating there was a little raffle with prizes that had been supplied by local businesses and other companies - unfortunately I wasn't one of the lucky winners but Alice and Amy had worked really hard contacting lots of companies and put together an awesome goody bag for everyone - it was literally full to the brim! My favourite items are the Lush Massage Bar as I have always wanted to try one and an eyeshadow crease brush from e.l.f which I can't wait to try! We drank and chatted for a while after and it was lovely to find out about everyone's blogs - the only disappointing thing was that I couldn't get round to speak to everybody!

After the meet up I met up with my friend Kayleigh and we went for some ice cream at Tooti's Gelato and headed down to the docks as there were four large cruise ships getting ready to set sail. By the time we got there we had missed two but we managed to see the Aurora leave - I had no idea how huge they are!

If you came to the meet up, please leave your link in the comments below!
Have you ever been to a meet up before?

(the top two images in this post were taken by Alice)



  1. Hi, it was a great day! It was great to meet so many other bloggers. It was my first blogger meetup and I really enjoyed it. I'm jealous that you headed over to Tooti's afterwards!

    Victoria, x

  2. This looks like so much fun. I love blogger meet ups :)
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. This looks like such a lovely meet up!


  4. This looks like it was so much fun!