Wednesday, 7 May 2014

London Calling

If you read my Weekly Round Up post this week, you would have seen a few snaps from my recent trip to London. I went with two of my friends, husband & wife duo, Carly & Paul. Bradley was supposed to come along too but due to work, he couldn't make it. 

I was rudely awaken by my alarm at 5am to get up and ready for a 7am coach, we made it into Central London by 9.30am and made our way to Tower Hill to visit The Tower of London. We had a guided tour of the Tower by a Yeoman Guard who was very informative about The Tower, beheadings and The Crown Jewels (which were beautiful - but you couldn't take photos, you will just have to take my word for it!).

Afterwards we jumped on the tube to Leicester Square to take a wander round M&M world. I couldn't resist filling up a bag full of pink peanut M&M's which went down very nicely on the way home! I wish I had picked up the M&M dressed as a guard - he looks so cute in his little busby hat!

We ended up at The Diner just off Carnaby Street for lunch where I scoffed a BBQ Chicken Burger (obviously), fries and a Snickers Shake. I definitely didn't need anything else to eat after that. I also dragged them both to Zest so I could grab some more Bioderma and was very impressed I was able to find it myself as I've only ever been with bloggers that have known the way before!

A walk was required after all that food so we took the tube to Green Park to wander through the park before reaching Buckingham Palace, we walked along to Westminster to see Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament before heading back to Victoria for the coach home.

The sun was shining all day (despite initial weather reports I'd read that it was going to rain all weekend) and I even managed to get a little sun burnt on my forehead! It was the perfect start to a great Bank Holiday weekend as I spent the rest of it relaxing and planning blog posts!

What are your favourite sights in London? 
If you're an overseas reader, what places in London would you like to visit?



  1. This made me miss London even more. Can't wait to go back this year. One of my favourite places were the ZOO, London Eye and just walking around random streets and parks.
    Will definitely visit the Tower this time around :)

  2. Looks like you had fun! That food looks amazing! :D
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