Monday, 5 May 2014

Review | Save The Blow Dry

I'm always rushing about in the mornings, my routine consists of the alarm going off, resetting it several times then waking up in a panic that I won't have enough time to do my hair/makeup/eat/walk to work so anything that saves me time in the morning is a god send!

I was recently given the opportunity to try an amazing product called Save The Blow Dry*. For all intents and purposes, its a shower cap, but not just any shower cap, it has an internal layer of super absorbent micro weave towelling which keeps out humidity and condensation to keep your hair dry and frizz free!

I have bad memories of my Mum putting shower caps on my sisters and I when we were younger so she didn't have to wash and dry our hair all the time (we all had really long thick hair) and at the time I hated it but now I definitely understand why she did it. Maaan washing and styling takes so much time!

I've thought of several instances where I've wished I'd had something to keep my hair out of the way whilst showering or in the bath. Mostly when I'm going out on a night out and want to style my hair but don't want to wash it so the style stays in longer or when I get home from work and fancy a nice bath but don't want to dry my hair before bed.

 The cap has two layers, a waterproof outer layer and a micro fibre towel layer on the inside. The inner towel layer is what keeps out the humidity. Around the bottom is an elasticated stretchy band which is one size fits all.

Something else I also learnt from the handy little tip on the packaging is that you can turn the cap inside out and put it over a hair treatment like oils or a hair mask so that it works more effectively (and doesn't drip all over the carpet!). Once you've used it, you can leave it to dry between uses. I turned mine inside out so that the towel layer definitely dries. You can also hand wash it, to keep it nice and fresh.

I'll admit that I felt a little silly sitting in the bath with a shower cap on but after all, who is going to see me...and if I still have gorgeous looking hair, then who cares?

Save The Blow Dry is available from the Save The Blow Dry website and Feelunique. It's available in two different colours, the original pink design and the limited edition turquoise design pictured above and is priced at £14.95. Feelunique currently have £5 off the turquoise one which makes it £9.95.

What are your thoughts on shower caps? Would you try this?



  1. Ooooo I must try this!!

  2. I have the pink version and it is just so handy, especially if you use hair masks x

  3. I love shower caps as we all know that washing your hair too much can cause dryness! Xx

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  4. I love this shower cap, it's so comfy and roomy.