Saturday, 12 October 2013

My top tips for savvy shopping

I think we all can admit that we love a bargain and to be honest I can't remember the last time I paid full price for something I've bought! 

As part of my 30 before 30 challenge, I've decided to try and save at least £1000. I'm going to need a lot of help as I'm still going to want to shop so I've come up with a quick guide for getting what you want for less...

Look for voucher codes
A quick Google search for voucher codes and the name of the shop you want to buy something from will usually reveal lots of e-coupons that you can apply to get a discount, free delivery or money off.

Use Boots Treat Street
If I do any shopping online I always check the Boots Treat Street website to see if I can get Boots points. All you have to do is sign up to the site and then login before you shop at certain retailers. Boots track your purchase and then award you points which turn into pounds. So far I've collected £25 worth of points by using their site which helps me still get the things I want in Boots without spending a penny!
Apply for a Tesco credit card
This might seem illogical but if you apply for a Tesco credit card and have a Clubcard you can collect points for using the credit card. If you're good at keeping track of your credit card spending and keep the cash spare to pay off the balance in full each month you'll gain loads of points which you can use on your Tesco shop or claim rewards at lots of other retailers.

Find a student friend/relative
I'm lucky enough to have a sister who is just starting a masters at uni so even though I'm no longer a student I can get her to buy me things with her discount and then pay her the money!

If you work for the NHS... can get discounts at lots of places. I just show my ID or a payslip in Nando's and get 20% off food and Dorothy Perkins offer a 10% discount too. Also, if you apply on Health Service Discounts you can get discounts off lots of shops including Apple, Disneyland Paris, RAC and more!

Sign up for newsletters...
 I have a separate email account which is what I use to sign up for newsletters to receive promotional codes from different shops. Dorothy Perkins have one currently where you can save 10% online and H&M regularly send discount codes.

Get samples from beauty counters
If you're not sure about spending out on a product, most premium beauty counters will offer you a sample to try before you splurge on the full size. All it takes is a friendly chat with the assistant.

 If you're after a CD, DVD, Book or Game...
...try, Find CD, Find DVD, Find Book, Find Game first to see where the cheapest place to purchase it is. The website are updated regularly and with Christmas coming is great for making those pennies go further!

I hope you find these tips useful! Have you tried any of these before?


  1. Great tips thanks :)

  2. LOVE these tips! You are wonderful, thank you so much for sharing!

    Charlotte - x

  3. great tips, I've never heard of the boots street thing before.