Sunday, 27 October 2013

Lush Christmas Wishlist

How adorable do these little melting snowmen look? It's a little sad that they're melting but they still look cute!

2 - Candy Mountain Bubble Bar - £2.65 each
Bubble Bars are my favourite as they produce insane amounts of bubbles in my bath!

3 - Secret Santa Bath Bomb - £5.75 each
Modeled on the Poole High Street Lush (my local) this cute little house reminds me of gingerbread houses, a tradition that we make every year.

How cute is this wand? I really want to swish it around my bath tub and watch the bubbles magically appear! It's great that its reusable too. I'd love to keep a couple in on display in my bathroom to make it smell amazing!

5 - Bombardino Bath Bomb - £2.50 each
I don't quite know what these things are but I saw them on the Christmas section of the lush website and thought they reminded me of little elves (or maybe ompah lumpahs? yes I have a weird imagination!) They contain cocoa butter and lemon oil which sounds like a great combination!

6 - Snow Fairy Shower Gel - £3.50 100g/ £6.85 250g/ £10.95 500g
 Insanely sweet smelling but fantastic. Two reasons why I love it, 1, it's pink and 2 it has little flecks of blue glitter in it, it completely appeals to the little girl in me that comes out at Christmas!

Have you got your eye on any Lush treats this Christmas?



  1. I love Candy Mountain, this is my fave - it smells amazing.
    I have also never tried Snow Fairy, I should pick one up this year & see what all the fuss is about.

  2. Candy Mountain is definitely on my wishlist, I've heard it smells like a diluted version of Snow Fairy - which I WANT to like but the scent is too intense it gave me extreme headaches when using a tiny amount :(

    That's so cute that Secret Santa is modelled on your local Lush store. :D That looks amazing too, especially as it's supposed to contain three mini bath bombs inside - all different colours. Eep I need it.

    I love that idea of having a few of the wands out for Decoration to make the bathroom smell nice :D

    I got a melting Snow man last year, he did make the water nice but the chocolate clumped together and looked - interesting - floating around my water :O

    Juyey xx

  3. We have the same wishlist! Cannot wait to go and pick all this amazingness up in the week!

    Hannah Heartss

  4. I really want to buy another bottle of Snow Fairy - but I don't think I can keep it till Christmas! x

  5. I've got Snow Fairy, I did a haul the other day, love it x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  6. I Love lush christmas collection Snow Fairy is my favourite though.

    I have a Lush giveaway on to win Snow Fairy and a bath bomb of your choice if you would like to enter :)