Monday, 7 October 2013

A Little Wishlist...

I've been smelling these two scents in particular whenever I visit Clintons and I desperately want them to burn at Christmas's not too early is it?

I saw this in Waterloo station Paperchase whilst waiting for the train back home and completely fell in love with it. Why didn't I buy it at the time? The best thing about it is you can buy lots of different inserts for it so I can add to it.

I love this collection, it would be so handy for on the go and there are a few products included that I haven't tried so it would be good to try a sample size before splurging on the full size!

Another Benefit craving! I love the colour of this blush, it looks so pretty and feminine, I'm really loving pink blushes at the moment and it comes in a super cute box with a little mirror and brush!

This little box is so cute and I really want to try "For the Twill of it" which is a lovely oil looking colour with purples/greens, perfect for Autumn! I haven't actually come across this in a store yet so if you know where I can pick one up please leave me a comment!

I'd love to join the beauty advent calendar craze this year as I missed out last year although I'm not sure my bank balance feels the same way about it! I love the idea of getting a new little nail polish each day and adding to my collection.

 It looks like I've got a very girly wishlist going on at the moment!



  1. Everything looks do great! I love the advent calender! It would be so nice to have a nail polish everyday!

  2. I really want numbers 3 and 4 :)

  3. I've been lusting after Rockateur too, it's gorgeous :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  4. loving the yankee candles and the bird canvas

  5. Oh, I want the advent calender so badly!