Monday, 10 June 2013

My pretty little lunchbag from the dotcomgiftshop

I was recently contacted again by one of my favourite online retailers, dotcomgiftshop to ask me if I would like to review a product from their new lunchbox range. 

Having a lunchbox hadn't really been something that had crossed my mind since I left school (and that was a looong time ago) but when I was at work the next day, I glanced around the tea room at lunch and realised that a lot of my work colleagues actually had lunchboxes.

I do make my lunch at home as the shop at work is very expensive but I usually just make my sandwich, wrap it up in foil and then literally chuck it into my bag - then cue me at lunchtime spending a least a few minutes trying to dig out a crushed sandwich from the bottom of the bag!

So I browsed through the pages of the dotcomgiftshops extensive range of lunchboxes and bags and selected this cute Pink Polkadot Lunchbag (which coincidently matches my blog!)

The bag is made from recycled plastic (which helps the planet! Yay!) and is foil lined and has a zip lock to keep everything fresh. It's also got carry handles at the top. When I received it through the post it was flat packed so my first thoughts were that it was quite small but when I put the food inside there was enough room for everything (The dimensions are length: 21 cm, width: 13 cm, height: 16 cm)

The pretty pink polka dot pattern makes it really easy for me to find in the mountains of food that is piled up in our work fridge! (Although I have found out that another work colleague of mine has exactly the same bag so I will have to be careful which one I select from the fridge. (If she has a better lunch than me I could just say I "accidently" took the wrong one! lol).

The whole range of lunchboxes/bags at the dotcomgiftshop are really great prices. My Pink Polkadot one is only £4.95. They are also suitable for all ages as there are so many designs to choose from. More include the Strawberry Lunchbag, the Fox Lunchbag and the Pirate Lunchbag.

Do you take a lunchbox or bag to work?


  1. I am the same as you and throw my sandwiches into my work bag and end up having to eat squashed sandwiches! I have looked into getting a lunchbox a few times and still haven't done anything about it!

    The pink and white one you have chosen is soo cute! It may be time for me to invest and then I can actually have a normal sandwich and not a squashed one!

    Carrie xx

  2. This is so cute! I do the same, sometimes my sandwich is so squashed that it is inedible. :( I could do with something to keep my food in for college and this looks great! I love the cute pattern and I'll feel a little bit better about everything knowing it is recycled.. :)
    Mia xo

  3. I don't use a lunchbag but my god this is so cute!! I love the structure & shape of it, it's so pretty.

  4. I normally use a standard transparent clip box but these look so cute!