Sunday, 16 June 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Body Smoothies

You may have heard me mention (once or twice) that my favourite face mask brand is Montagne Jeunesse. Their masks are so thick and there is always enough in the sachets to cover my face without having to be sparing. They also don't irritate my skin like some other brands I've tried (I'm looking at you H&M). So when I found out that they had a new product coming out I was more than happy to give it a try.

The Super Fruit Body Smoothies are a first from Montagne Jeunesse and knowing how much I love the quality of the facemasks I couldn't wait to give these a try. They are described as "thick, luxurious whipped butters packed with natural 'Super Fruit' oils and extracts high in powerful free radical fighting antioxidants".

There are four different scents to choose from, Buriti, Acai, Goji Berry and Black Raspberry. I was sent two from the range, Buriti and Goji Berry. I was expecting to receive a small sample sachet of each but when they arrived I was sent two 200ml full sized pots! (Cue excited squeels from me!)

The packaging is typical of most body butters currently on the market and I really like the design as the pot is shallow enough to be able to reach all of the product (even when you get down to the last little bits you can still scoop them out) I hate it when awkward packaging means you have to start cutting open bottles to get the last few uses out of them. The designs on the front are bright and (for me, someone that uses this brand a lot) I would instantly know that this design was Montagne Jeunesse even if it didn't have the logo on the front!

 The first thing I did when I took them out of the envelope was remove the lids and gave them a big sniff! (That's normal, isn't it?!) The Goji Berry one smells like peach and smells good enough to eat! It's got a really light summery smell to it (this one is my favourite!) The Buriti one smells very zesty but really refreshing, like lemon and lime.

 The best time to apply is after a bath or shower and they absorb into the skin in seconds although I have used it before going to bed. They don't feel greasy or take ages to soak in  like other brands I've tried. I also found that a little goes a long way as the product is so thick its easier to get better coverage.

A full 200ml pot costs just £6.49 which is really good value for money considering the amount of product you get. You can purchase them from the Montagne Jeunesse website here.

If you spend over £15, you also get free delivery (UK only excludes Channel Islands) but delivery is only £1 for orders under £15.

Have you tried the new Fruit Smoothie Body Butters or any other products from Montagne Jeunesse?


  1. These body smoothies sound fab will have a look and see if I spot them when out shopping tomorrow.

  2. These sound amazing! I've not yet tried anything from Montagne I really should :)

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  3. I love the face masks, but I haven't tried these yet... I hate moisturising my bod though, it feels like such a chore! If I see results with these like I do from the other products it might convert me though!

    Charlotte - x

  4. I love their masks too, these look really interesting! I'd definitely pick one up for a sniff, the raspberry one sounds gorgeous.

  5. I didn't know they did these, the scents sound lovely x