Saturday, 11 August 2012

The new girls!

Last Sunday hubby and I took our monthly trip to Pets at Home to stock up on supplies for the girls. When we go in we always check the rats section to see if they have any new babies and every single time we have gone in they have always had boys, which we can't have because of our girls...well this time they had girls so out we walked with two new little girls who are about 7 weeks old. We have named them Tilly and Milly.

We now have the difficult task of trying to integrate them with our other three. It's been quite difficult so far. Have tried a number of techniques but none seem to be working.

We gave Tilly and Milly their first bath today as they were getting a bit smelly. 

Here they are trying to clean themselves after - they definitely look like drowned rats! lol.

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