Thursday, 12 February 2015

Visiting "Broadchurch"

It's not very often that I get to explore my local area, apart from the regular trips to town for unnecessary shopping hauls, but this week Bradley and I had some time off work and being a fan of the ITV drama Broadchurch I suggested we headed down to the beach for a wander to where some of the scenes were filmed.

Broadchurch is a fictional town and is partly set in West Bay, Dorset approximately just over an hour away from where we live. It's a sleepy town with stunning views of the cliffs and out to sea. When we arrived, we headed down to the beach for some photos. This area was used in the first series where Danny Latimer's body was found and where the promotional shots of David Tennant and Olivia Coleman were taken.

Next we went for a coffee in the Ellipse Cafe which was also used in the first series and had a hot chocolate and a croissant.

After we were full of pastry we went for a walk around the town, we found DI Hardy's blue house and walked up the hill to the house that is being used as Jocelyn Knight's house in the second series.

I didn't realise how much of the series was filmed at other locations, places like The Traders Hotel and Broadchurch High Street are actually filmed in Clevedon, North Somerset, which is a long way from West Bay but it all looks so seemless when edited together.

If you're a fan of Broadchurch, I'd definitely recommend a visit here. There isn't much to do in the off season but I would expect it is busy during the summer months. It is definitely worth it for the stunning views of the Jurassic coastline. (I was also hoping to get a glimpse of David Tennant, but obviously he wasn't there, but a girl can dream!)

Have you visited the Dorset coast before?
Are you a fan of Broadchurch?


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  1. I'm off on a little holiday here later in the year, looks beautiful x