Saturday, 26 January 2013

Superdrug Hand Therapy

Hello my lovelies, apologies again for not posting for what seems like aaaaages! I've had a million and one things to do lately and I'm working on a couple of big projects which I'm hopefully going to be able to reveal to you soon!

Right, I need to tell you all about Mum is amazing! Whenever I have an issue she always has the solution. Some of you may have read that I work in a laboratory and recently the weather and constant hand washing and glove wearing that I have to do at work has left my hands really sore and cracked. Well...I visited my Mum today and she said "here...try this" and "this" was Superdrug's Hand Therapy Anti Age Cream. I honestly have never found a product that works as well for me as this has. I pretty much saw instant improvement, after using it only a few times. It's not greasy at all like some hand creams can be and it leaves your hands feeling sooo soft! 

And the best thing about it is (despite being in a cute purple bottle) is that it's only £1.49! At the moment Superdrug also have it on a buy one get one half price offer. They also do other hand creams in their range including a 2 in 1 hand and nail cream and a cream for dry skin. I chose this one obviously because it was what my Mum had to hand but I'll definitely be trying the dry skin one too.

I'll be carrying one around with me permanently in my lab coat pocket now!

Do you suffer with dry skin in the wintertime? Have you found a hand cream that works for you?

P.S Sorry about the photos - my skin still looks a bit dry!

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  1. This product looks so cute! I think i'm gonna grab them all!