Sunday, 6 January 2013

My recent beauty buys...

I've been lucky enough to get some money from my relatives this Christmas so I took to the shops on Boxing Day only to find that pretty much everything I wanted in the sales wasn't there :( so I decided to treat myself with some beauty buys that I'd heard good things about and I finally picked up The Porefessional which has been on my beauty wishlist.

Here is a little run through of the items I bought:

Benefit - The Porefessional - minimises the appearance of pores & fine lines for smooth skin. I'm going to try wearing it underneath my make up to help it stay put.

Soap & Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser - I've heard a lot about hot cloth cleansers so I've finally bought one myself to try. This Soap & Glory one was on offer at boots for £8. I'll be trying it this weekend

Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Face Mask - A face mask which turns blue when you use it! How awesome! It also heats up when you put it on for a deep cleanse and comes with a pretty pink sponge.

No7 Tinted Moisturiser in Fair - This is one of my regular beauty buys. I like to use this as a primer before I put on my foundation. I find that it's a really good base and helps my make up stay on longer even though its not what it's designed for I find that it works really well.

V05 Mirace Concentrate - Elixir with Argan Oil - I was going to buy the Lee Stafford equivalent of this but after hearing that this little beauty does exactly the same thing and is half the price I decided to give it a go. Hopefully it will make my hair really soft and silky.

Model's Own Nail Varnish - These were on offer in Boots 2 for £8 so I decided to get colours that would remind me of spring time as I have been wearing dark colours like purples and blacks over the Christmas period. I bought Sophie's Pink and Pastel Pink. The Pastel Pink shade has been on my beauty wishlist.

I'll be doing some posts on these over the next few days/weeks to review the products so keep an eye out!

Have you bought any new beauty products recently? Have you tried any of these? What did you think?


  1. Ooo how exciting! I love haul posts :) I'd love to read reviews about the primer & S&G bits you bought - I'm desperate to sort out my pores!!! Bit random I know lol.

  2. I think you'll love The POREfessional - it's the best primer I've ever come across :)

    Would love to read some reviews on your other products though as I haven't tried any of them.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  3. I'm so all if these things! I use Benefit POTEfessional, it's so good! Sophie xx

  4. Being meaning to try Benefit products for a while now as everyone has given them such good reviews, love the name of your blog! xo

  5. I have the soap and glory cleanser and am loving it so far! Really want to try the porfessional too, definitely the next on my list! Now following:)

  6. I LOVE Porefessional! i got the tester from company and I'm yet to save for the big one! you got some lovely bits - enjoy :) x

  7. Ooo you got some lovely things. I love the Soap and Glory Masks... so good! :D


  8. Porefessional is really good! And I love all Model's Own Polishes.

  9. You've gotta love a beauty haul! Looks like you got some amazing products, have fun pampering yourself! XxxX

  10. I think you'll love the S&G cleanser, I do! It removes so much makeup within 1 wipe! The nail polishes are lovely :)

    I love your blog, new follower :) xx