Monday, 6 July 2015

The Disney Series / 010 / DIY Minnie Mouse Hair Bobble

I've seen lots of these little hair bobbles around recently, in the shops and online but I didn't see any with patterns on that I liked or wanted enough so after watching a few YouTube tutorials I decided to have a go myself. They were really easy to make, all you need are three items, some ribbon elastic in the colour of your choice (I bought mine from eBay, 99p for 2m), a lighter and some scissors.

To get the right length for your hair elastic I put the elastic around my wrist and then measured out an additional two inches (because you lose some of the length when you tie up the ends. Once you have cut your desired length, make a knot in the end so that you get a hair tie shape.

Use a lighter to fix the cut ends of the ribbon so that they don't fray. You can do this by switching on the lighter and running it up and down the ends briefly so that they seal (make sure somebody responsible does this so you don't set fire to the elastic!).

And it's as simple as that, a quick easy DIY to make hair bobbles. I have had a look on eBay recently and there seem to be lots of Disney ribbon elastic on there at the moment although I am happy with my Minnie Mouse inspired hair ties and will definitely be using these on my upcoming trip!

What do you think to these? 

Do you think you'll have a go at making them?


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