Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Disney Series / 007 / My Top 5 Disney Princess Songs

I recently read a post by Danielle from Underland To Wonderland about her top 5 Disney songs and it inspired me to think about my favourite Disney songs. It was extremely hard to narrow it down from all the Disney songs there are out there so I decided to focus on princesses (even though that was also really hard!)

Cinderella | A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
My all time favourite Disney song, which makes me cry every time I hear it. In the latest Cinderella release I was disappointed they didn't play it in the feature, so I waited until the credits to hear it even though everyone else had left! Lily James sings it perfectly but I also still love the original...

Beauty & The Beast | Something There
I love every song from Beauty & The Beast (especially Human Again) but this little melody from when Belle starts to realise that the beast isn't the monster she thought he was really changes the direction of the film. I love Mrs Potts too!

Mulan | Reflection
This is a song I feel I have always identified with. As someone who is quite shy and has never really felt like I've fitted in, the words struck a chord with me.

The Little Mermaid | Part Of Your World
This was the first Disney film I remember seeing at the cinema when I was younger and I became obsessed with Ariel and wanted to be a mermaid. It always fascinated me that she wanted to have legs and I wanted to have fins! To this day I still fantasize about becoming a mermaid!

Tangled | I See The Light
Beautiful lyrics, and lots of little lanterns, it's a girls dream. I also have a real soft spot for Pascal, he's my favourite "sidekick".

As a little bonus I thought I would throw in a song I have been loving lately, it is by the musician Pogo and is a mash up of several Disney songs put together which make a beautiful little compilation.

What are your top 5 Disney songs? Please let me know in the comments below!


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