Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Review | The Body Shop Instablur Primer

I try not to buy into blogger hype too much for fear that I will end up spending hundreds of pounds on products I wont use, but every now and again something comes along that catches my eye and I have to get my mitts on. 

I picked up this Instablur from The Body Shop in Southampton last weekend. I knew I wanted it and when I went in they only had two left - I took this as a good sign as usually when I want something that's been loved in the blogger world there's usually none left by the time I get there! The price is £14 which I initially thought was a bit steep for cosmetics from The Body Shop but if you compare it to L'Oreal (£12) or Benefit (£22.50) it's actually not that bad a price.

I've tried a few different primers in the past, including MUA, L'Oreal and Benefit's offerings and although they kinda do what they say on the tin, I've never been wowed by them. This however, I'm currently really loving. I dispense a pea sized amount onto my finger and then rub in into my face using my fingers. The consistency is quite thick and the formula is really silky and it definitely feels like you're applying another layer to your face. Once it's rubbed in, I apply my liquid foundation straight away. Even after the first use I noticed a difference in how my foundation applied and how much longer it lasted during the day. The Body Shop claim that this also hides blemishes and I took the ultimate test this week when I had one in quite an obvious place on my face. It worked extremely well with my concealer and foundation in hiding the beast!

I'm planning on picking up a few more tubes of this soon. The Body Shop are currently offering 40% off full priced and sale items on their website so if you don't want to pay the full £14 I'd recommend getting on there straight away!

Have you tried Instablur?
What are your thoughts?


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