Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Recent Buys...

Hubby and I are currently saving the pennies for our honeymoon to Las Vegas in 2014 so I haven't been buying anything for myself recently apart from the essentials but yesterday which we were out shopping in Southampton I popped into Next as I had seen these cute Owl Slippers online. I thought it was fate when I looked and they had one last pair in my size so I bought them. It's my birthday tomorrow and I know that I will be getting some money from my Grandparents as they always like me to pick what I want and use the money for it rather than putting it towards bills. They're so comfy! They were £16 and wouldn't normally spend this amount on slippers but I only like wearing the boot style ones like these. My sisters bought me a lovely pair from Accessorize a few years back but they are so old and tatty now that I thought it was time to upgrade - especially as the autumn/winter season is starting to close in.

What do you think to my new buy?

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  1. I always spend a little extra on slippers :) I think the ones from Accessorize are well worth investing in because they are so comfy! I rationalize it in my head by thinking 'i have hundreds of shoes for outside, but I only get one pair for inside' ...actually though I have 3 pairs¬ x) xx